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Things to do near Greenport, New York


Shelter Island is located on the far end of Long Island, New York. The island is only about 8,00 acres with a population that fluctuates depending on the time of year. During the summertime the population can go over 8,000 people, however, the year-round residency is closer to only about 2,400. Part of the neighborhood consists of Silver Beach, which is part of the peninsula that looks out over the Peconic Bay and the West Neck Harbor.

The history of the area is actually fairly long, originally the island was inhabited with indigenous people. In the year of 1651, the island got its first white settler. Nathaniel Sylvester was there for many years and was able to live there with a wife and 11 surviving kids. When Nathaniel died the island was split between two of his sons. From there one of the sons sold a portion of the island.

During the colonial era, a few things happened. The first is that in 1743 James Havens the first town supervisor built his home on the island. He was also known for becoming a member of the First Continental Congress. During this time the area also had some run-ins with the military. During the American Revolution Hay was shipped by the British on Hay Beach. Then during the War of 1812 ransacked a number of houses on the island.

Shelter Island now is known for being a beautiful safe area to live. The island itself doesn't even really have shopping available. One of the locals said that the island is a "chill" place to stay. She was convinced to move to the area when she saw a kid maybe 10 years old or so walked up to them and asked if they needed help finding anything. Although it is a safe area and beautiful it is an expensive place to live but a great place to visit.